Robust housing

Our housings are manufactured so robustly to ensure a long product life. On request, we can also manufacture a reliable edge protection.

Best components

To ensure that our chargers are of the highest quality, they are only fitted with materials & components selected by us from years of experience.


The majority of our chargers are IP65 certified, which means reliable protection against splash water and dust. On request we also manufacture housings with IP68 certification.


Our chargers are processor-controlled to optimise the charging process and for easy data processing. This allows an adaptation exactly to your needs.


IP65 – built for the harsh environment.
Housing made of AL- extruded elements. Industrial, waterproof, vibration and impact resistant. Pressure relief valve against condensation. Full charging current even at 100 VAC mains voltage.

“Auto wake-up” function.
When the charger is switched on, voltage pulses (number and size defined) are sent to the battery placed. The BMS releases the battery for the charging process, starting with the gentle charging phase.

Automatic Charge-Restart.
After a pre-defined number of days or a set voltage level across the battery terminals.

Switch off at “battery full”.
Detection of the full state of the battery by the preset, lower value, of the decreasing charging current. Restart after a given number of days or a defined lower voltage level on the Battery clips. With “Battery Full” the process is repeated.

Update of existing charging characteristics.
Customers receive a modified parameter file from MEC by e-mail. The existing charging characteristic is overwritten via the integrated IR interfacethe result is a loader as desired.
An existing lead-acid battery charge curve can be replaced by a charge curve for lithium batteries, and vice versa. The Atlas series can, if desired, be retrofitted with up to 5 selectable characteristic curves.

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The battery in detail


High energy density with only 1/3 or half the weight of lead acid batteries


100% maintenance-free; saves much time and effort


Up to 2,000 charging cycles and more. A cost-effective solution.


Good thermal stability. Additional safety and tolerance at 100% state of charge or high voltage over a longer period of time.

Our service for you

You have questions?

Write to us, we will be happy to answer your questions and also provide a non-binding offer.